Elon Musk: ‘I don’t want to be CEO of anything’

Tesla would not have a press workplace.

Its ceo, elon musk, says the corporation does not need one.

Rather, in a similar manner to donald trump, he uses twitter instead of press releases to talk.

And on friday, he was in complete elon musk tweet mode.

A brand new e-book is coming out approximately the tesla ceo. One tale is that during 2016 – whilst tesla changed into in hassle – musk reached out to apple’s tim cook dinner, who he idea might need to shop for the business enterprise.

The story is going that elon musk insisted that as part of the deal, he be made ceo of apple. Tim cook dinner told him wherein to move.

Without a press office to comment on the story, i requested musk on twitter whether or not this turned into true.
Elon musk said some thing comparable final month while giving proof in courtroom.

Speakme about being ceo of tesla, he stated: “i rather hate it and i might an awful lot favor to spend my time on layout and engineering.”

He also gave a purpose for why he remains tesla boss: “i must or, frankly, tesla goes to die.”

That he is time and again saying he does not need to be ceo will fear some buyers. Love him or loathe him, musk’s vision and force of character has driven tesla’s splendid success.

Tesla is by using a long way the maximum valuable car business enterprise in the global.

And yet it’s far putting that jogging that organization isn’t always enough for musk.

He is the boss of space x – which become in april provided a contract by means of nasa to put human beings onto the moon.

He additionally founded the uninteresting enterprise in 2016, which objectives to revolutionise travel via advances in tunnelling era. Possibly tellingly, he is not ceo.

Musk gives the influence of a man trapped. He is virtually excited through ideas, innovation, engineering – the exciting start up a part of a enterprise.

However the transition from start as much as massive organization turns the ceo position into a very specific beast.

Apple’s steve jobs, google’s larry web page and sergey brin, microsoft’s invoice gates were all visionaries.

The current ceos of those groups are very distinct humans. Apple’s tim cook dinner, google’s sundar pichai and microsoft’s satya nadella are more than capable leaders. However few would describe them as revolutionaries.

Elon musk alternatively initiatives the picture of a swashbuckling entrepreneur. You get the sensation that the often administrative procedure of running a agency does no longer excite him.

Together with notable increase, the tesla boss has caused all types of headaches for tesla shareholders.

He’s currently being sued by shareholders who claim the carmaker’s money become wasted on shopping for solarcity, which – they say – become jogging out of money.

On the time of the deal, mr musk owned a 22% stake in each tesla and solarcity.

And in 2018 he agreed to step down as tesla chairman after tweeting that he was considering taking tesla off the stock marketplace and into non-public possession.

Elon musk may be the second one richest character on the planet, but, surprisingly, he would not experience he has the liberty to do what he wants.

He’s working example that you’re by no means too wealthy to be stuck in a process you do not like.

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