Happy Hug Day 2022 – Know why Hug Day is celebrated

Hug Day is the seventh day of Valentine’s week and is celebrated every year on 13th February by the youth and any person of any age. In the past, it was a festival associated with western culture, but today it is celebrated in every region of the country.

What is Hug Day? Hug Day is celebrated on –

Hug Day is one of the most important days of Valentine’s Week which is celebrated by people of all ages by embracing each other. To show your affection and love, hug your partner, friend, lover etc. with great love. Hugging is a way of hugging each other very loudly while standing. It relieves people from stress and is capable of revitalizing the mind. When a person is hugged by another person, they feel as if they have been embraced by a loved one.

There are many benefits of hugging. It gives a feeling of appreciating each other. It can promote the physical and psychological development of the person being loved. Boosts and improves the immune system by reducing the level of cortisol in the blood, which is the chemical that triggers stress. It lowers the chances of developing heart disease.

It has been established that a simple 20-second hug can bring great pleasure, as well as increase levels of the hormone oxytone. By embracing each other it can prevent a person from experiencing high blood pressure and high heart rate. When you hug someone, there is a feeling of peace and tranquility in the hug.

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