Happy Teddy Day 2022 – Know the history of Teddy Bear

The love test starts from the last day of February. Seven Days Love Exam is a seven day exam in which candidates can express their love on various topics every day. This love test is completed on Valentine’s Day i.e. 13th February. From February 7 to February 13, couples celebrate Valentine’s Day in different ways. These seven days are very special for the couple. Rose Day is first followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day and Teddy Day. Many people wonder why Teddy Day is celebrated for their loving couple these days. What is the relationship between toys and love? You may have the same question. If yes, then you must know why Teddy Day is celebrated. What is the history behind Teddy Bear?

When is Teddy Day celebrated in Canada?

February 7 is the most romantic week of the year. Teddy Day is celebrated on the fourth day of this month. It is Teddy Day, which falls on February 10. This is when the couple express their love by gifting each other stuffed toys.

History of teddy bear –

The then US President Theodore Roosevelt went on a hunting trip in the Mississippi woods on November 14, 1902. Holt Collier was his assistant. Collier then caught an injured black bear and tied it to a tree. The assistant asked President Roosevelt for permission to shoot the bear. The bear was in such bad shape that President Roosevelt refused to allow him to be shot. The Washington Post published a photo based on the Clifford Berryman incident on November 16.

It was named Teddy because of its unusual name –

Morris Mitchtom, a businessman, saw the picture in the newspaper and thought he could make a toy the size of a child of a bear. It was designed by Rose, his wife. The toy was called ‘Teddy’. Teddy is the surname of President Roosevelt. This toy was named after Teddy. It was launched by the couple with their permission.

Why is Teddy Day celebrated in Canada?

Theodore Roosevelt was the inventor of the teddy bear and that is its name. It was built by a couple in business. Teddy Day is celebrated by girls in Valentine’s Week. Most girls love stuffed toys. Boyfriends impress their partner by giving them teddy bears. Therefore, Teddy Day is included on February 10 in Valentine’s Week.

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