Like children, adults also have this mental disorder, know its 10 major symptoms

Most children are affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but there are many adults who are affected as well. This mental disorder causes the brain to develop slowly or not at all in patients as opposed to a normal person.

The ADHD Institute estimates that 2.8% of adults aged 18-44 worldwide have the disorder. If not diagnosed early, the symptoms can get severe.

Ten Symptoms of ADHD in Adults –

1. ADHD is characterized by a lack of focus. ADHD patients often lose their attention from work, and are unable to retain the required information. Even when talking to someone, it is difficult to focus.

2. Paranoia can lead to ADHD patients focusing too heavily on work. Because they fear making a mistake or missing important information, ADHD patients tend to pay too much attention even to the smallest details.

3. ADHD sufferers often forget things. They may have difficulty remembering dates, days, and names.

4. Impulsive Behaviors – ADHD patients are more likely to interrupt conversations and talk more between them. You can react instantly to any situation. Their behavior can be viewed as bad socially. It can also ruin their relationship.

5. Negative Self Image – These people have a negative view of themselves. They see themselves as less than other people. This can lead to one seeing himself as less than others in front of family and colleagues.

6. ADHD patients have poor management skills. They don’t know where to store their belongings. They are unable to organize their home, desk or room.

7. Inability to manage time – Patients have trouble managing their time. They are unable to meet the deadlines and put off the work. They also do work that is not their usual hours. They do things like yoga at night, or eat food between meetings.

8. Anxiety- ADHD patients may feel anxious all the while because their mind is not calm. This can lead to irritability and a bad mood.

9. Attention to health is not paid- A 2013 study found that ADHD sufferers are less attentive to their health. They lack the motivation to exercise. They eat a poor diet and can take any medication at any time.

10. Bad habits can lead to ADHD. A 2014 research found that while alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are not the cause of ADHD, patients who have been exposed to them fall into these bad habits very quickly.

ADHD Treatment –

  • ADHD can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • ADHD can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • If you have any symptoms, consult a doctor.
  • When ADHD is mild, cognitive behavioral therapy may be a good option.
  • Manage stress. Meditation can help you do this.
  • All types of nutrients should be included in your diet.
  • Get to bed at night and get up on time. Sleep well

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