The company is sending employees on leave even if there is profit in Corona

Some employees worked hard during the Corona period to make their company financially viable. A UK recruitment company was so happy to see its employees during the pandemic that it gave them free leave. It is a gesture of gratitude towards the employees. Yoke Recruitment Agency, Cardiff, UK has decided to send all 55 employees on a four-day seaside leave. This announcement of the company will cost more than one crore rupees.

The British recruiting agency actually gave this leave to its employees as a gesture of gratitude for their work during the pandemic. According to the company, all employees will travel from North West Africa to the Canary beaches of Spain. The company will bear all the expenses and this holiday will last for four days. There will be a holiday in April for the employees. According to the company, due to the hard work of its employees, the company saw good growth in 2021.

One crore spent on vacation –

According to the company’s website, it is the first company to offer free vacations to employees in Cardiff. According to the company, it wants to promote a culture where everyone feels happy. According to the company, we will be leaving for Tenerife. He will replace our top billing staff and everyone who has played a role in taking the company to 2021. The company will spend about £1 million, that is, this holiday will cost the company about £1 million. According to a BBC report, Pawan Arora (CCO of Yoke’s recruitment agency) said that 2020 will be a tough year for the industry. All employees were at risk. We are taking this holiday to express our gratitude to all of them.

Things are getting better in the UK –

Yoke Officer Pawan Arora said that 2020 was a very difficult year for the entire industry. We went from the job market to becoming overdrive. Our employees risked their lives to travel to remote areas. We would like to thank everyone for their sacrifice. Official UK data shows 11.7 million new jobs were created in October 2021. This is 4 lakh more than the number before the pandemic. Around 22 lakh people applied for jobs between July and September 2017, indicating a return to normalcy. Yoke Recruitment announced new vacancies on the same LinkedIn post.

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