Today Petrol, Diesel Prices : Check Rates in Delhi, Mumbai, Other Cities

As per the price notifications by state-owned fuel retailers on February 6, petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged for 93 days, the longest period.

The central government has cut excise duty by Rs 5 per liter on November 4, 2021, to help with prices, which were at an all-time high. Accordingly, the government reduced petrol prices by Rs 5 per gallon and diesel rates by Rs 10 per gallon. This resulted in a corresponding fall in retail pump rates. In order to provide additional relief for consumers, many states and union territories have reduced the local sales or value added tax (VAT).

Petrol in Delhi was priced at Rs 95.41 per liter, while that of diesel was Rs 86.67 per litre.

Petrol had come down to Rs 109.98 and diesel at Rs. 94.14 per liter. Same was the case on 6th February.

Petrol and diesel prices in Kolkata remain the same at Rs 104.67 per liter and Rs 89.79 respectively.

In Chennai, a liter of petrol was Rs 101.40 and diesel was Rs 91.33 per litre.

The current pause of 93 days is due to assembly elections in states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. This is the longest since June 2017, when the daily fuel price revision was adopted. The pause of 82 days was the longest between March 17 and June 6, 2020.

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