Weekly Horoscope from 21st to 27th February

Sheep – This week will be good for those of Aries. At the start of this week, you could be given a lot of responsibility at the workplace, and also receive appreciation from your boss. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work for a company, that wish can be realized. But, in this period you need to be cautious of your secret enemies and people who regularly are trying to trick you. The goal is to make a profit in your business. New income sources are also expected to be discovered. Overall this week is expected to be a great financial week. At the close of the week you will be able to purchase something substantial that is related to comforts of the material world. There will be the complete support from your siblings, parents and brothers in the family , too. Your ideas will be accepted by your family. will grow among the daughters and sons as well. You’ll have a wonderful time with your partner. There will be a lot of passion in the relationship. Your relationship with your the person you love will increase. Surprise gifts can be also received from the lover.

Solution: Hanumant worship and recitation of Sundarkand will satisfy all desires while providing the opportunity for awe.

Taurus – The people who belong to the Taurus zodiac need to stay away from eating their senses and being overly excited this week. While working do not rush through the work and make sure you drive your vehicle with care in order to avoid the risk of injury. Instead of being focused on what others say at the workplace, concentrate on your goal. The opposition may attempt to damage your image. If so, be vigilant. Be cautious when flirting, especially with the person who is not your gender. When you’re dealing with minor problems and obligations in your private life, being with your closest friends can be a very enjoyable experience for you. Those who are engaged in preparing for the examination-competition will get the chance of success only after working hard. A large portion of young people will be spent playing. Drink more alcohol with care in relationships with loved ones, or you could be required to give for the sake of taking. Avoid glorifying your romantic relationships. Your mind might be in a state of worry about the health status of your spouse. However, you’ll surely need to take particular attention to your health. Keep an eye out for seasonal illnesses.

Remedy: Give red flowers for the power sadhna. Also recite Durga Chalisa daily.

Gemini – There is no challenge or problem more important than your determination. This is something that should be remembered by people of the Gemini Zodiac this week. The beginning of this week, there could be more work at the workplace. Female workers may experience issues coordinating work and home. Don’t leave in the event of workplace issues, or else your family life can be affected. Be sure to follow the advice of your friends and family when investing in any major scheme. When it comes to business, be sure to be sure to avoid losses that are distant from the near future gains. The start of the week could be difficult from a perspective of business and career however, by the end of the portion of the week things will go like you would expect. Take care when it comes to relationships with love and attempt to comprehend the needs and expectations of your loved one. When you make a major decision regarding your love life don’t do the mistake of not heeding the emotions from your loved ones or else you could be forced to regret it at a later date. The spouse will stay close to you as a shadow when you are in a difficult situation.

Solution: Perform Sadhna Ganpati and give moong dal wrapped in an emerald cloth each Wednesday.

Cancer – People with cancer will need to concentrate on their goals for this week. You must take complete attention to the fact that you are you will be leaving half the mills, half of the runs and not all of the paavai. In this situation you should not be fooled by anyone, it is important to be aware of your priorities and work toward your present objective. Do not dominate your junior at work. It is important to know well that if you are the junior and the more experienced on the field, success at work is possible. The mind of the people engaged in preparing for the examination-competition may get tired of studies. The second half in the course of time, it could be the ups and downs of work and business, etc. In the wake of the hard work your mind is likely to be a bit unhappy if there’s no outcome. When resolving family issues take care not to make any decisions with a high degree of emotion, or you could be forced to regret it at a later date. It will result in a decline on the level of co-operation in romance, etc. There could also be absence of coordination with the spouse. Any trip, whether short or long can be made during the weekend.

Solution: Praise Lord Vishnu every day and recite Vishnu Sahasranama.

Lion – This week will bring peace, happiness and prosperity to the people who belong to the Leo the zodiac. It is likely that long-standing tasks will be accomplished with the assistance of an influential friend or a person. Any efforts taken in the direction of work will be successful. There is a plan in place to grow the business. Land and ancestral properties, such as buildings or structures will be settled and the final decision will be in your direction. Your standing will be elevated in the workplace , and older people will be impressed by your work. In the second part in the working week when shopping for items that are associated with amenities, you should make the ultimate decision with in mind your budget. There are chances that any positive work will be done within the home of your family. The week ahead will generally healthy for health. As much as is possible the joy and cooperation is expected from parents. The misunderstandings that arise in relationships between lovers will be sorted out as well as the bond will become delightful. Spend more time with the love of your life. It will be easier to coordinate with the person you love, and others. In the last week, you’ll be able to receive positive reports from the side of your children.

Solution: Give water to the rising sun every day and repeat Aditya Holiday Stotra.

Virgo – This week is likely to be a mixed one for people who belong to the Virgo zodiac. At the start of this week there’ll be more pressure at the workplace. This will require extra work to manage it. In this period it is possible that you will have to travel short or long distances for work. It will be enjoyable and enjoyable. This week, you’ll have to do many things to bring about positive changes to your behavior and character. If you succeed at this, then the most challenging tasks will be accomplished on time. This week, you must concentrate on your health and wellbeing. Don’t be discouraged when you feel there is a discontent, lack of cooperation and so on. with your favorite friends, but try to renew your bond periodically. Don’t ignore the emotions and wishes of your loved ones when making any decision that is significant to your family. Be careful not to interfere too much with the private life of your spouse in a relationship of love or else the situation could be made worse. For a happy marriage be aware of the desires of your spouse and set aside time out of your hectic schedule to spend time with them.

Solution: Worship Ganesh ji daily by offering Durva and then donate an Tulsi plant every Wednesday. Or worship and serve him every day by planting the plant at your home.

Libra – This week is filled with joy and prosperity for those who live in Libra. The beginning of this week, the huge accomplishments achieved during a particular job will be a major factor in your joy. Also, some good news may be shared with the help of your children. You will experience a special collaboration from your best acquaintances. In this week’s forecast, the dream of being promoted or transferred to the desired position is likely to be achieved. There is a chance of lengthy distance travel in connection with business or work. It will be relaxing and lucrative. But, it is best to maintain a safe distance from gambling or playing the lottery. This week is expected to be normal for health. After a long period it is likely to be an opportunity to meet with a loved one or someone influential. Make sure you are careful when investing in a plan during the second half of the week. You must be aware of the risks involved in the event that you need to admit to guilt in the future. Be careful in your love affair and pay attention to your feelings for your spouse. There are chances to enjoy time with your family. There could be an unexpected plan of going out with your partner.

Solution: worship Goddess Durga and then donate Varfi and perfume on Fridays.

Scorpio – The people who belong to the Scorpio zodiac could have to work harder with their work this week. At the start of this week the mind might be unhappy due to any hurdle that arises from the work being done. But with the support of the best of acquaintances, any problems will be solved during the second part of the week. You will achieve the success you desire in your particular job. Do not try to influence other employees and be with your colleagues. Otherwise, you might not only face difficulties, but even damage your reputation. Beware of hidden enemies at work. It is a good time to be working in foreign countries. It is also a good time to be optimistic for those on contract. Scorpio is a sign that indicates people should take extra care of the health of their bodies this week. Maintain your regular routine and pay special attention to drinks and food. Do not eat outside of the norm. Don’t make major decisions when you are in a rush in a romantic affair. Being aware of each other’s needs as well as respecting one another’s feelings could result in more stress. The sweetness will be there in the marital life.

Solution Method: Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day and give vermilion to Hanuman Ji’s temple on a Tuesday.

Sagittarius – This week is likely to be challenging for those of Sagittarius. This week, you’ll have control your time and your finances or else you could have to confront issues. When you are buying items related to the home or for conveniences, be mindful of your wallet, or you could be in the position where you need to ask for an loan in the future. Only through more effort and work can you have the possibility of making advancement and earning money within the industry. The second half of the week will be more optimistic than the initial part that week. Beware of unnecessary disputes with your friends. Take a walk with your family and friends. It is better when the issue of the building and land is resolved outside of the court. This week, be extra attentive to your health. There is a possibility of stomach-related issues, in this situation, pay close attention to your food and drink and make time for your yoga and meditation. The mind is agitated due to the influence of a person who is not involved in romantic relationships. In resolving any disagreements with your partner in love, seek the aid of dialog instead of arguing. Harmony and love will be within the marriage with gentle conversations.

Solution to use: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa seven times throughout the day, and donate items that are related to Shani every Saturday.

Capricorn – The people from Capricorn are advised to stay clear of lazyness and inattention this week, as your work might be damaged. If you decide to leave your work to another and your work will not only be delayed however, you may be stricken by losses. There is a possibility of fierce competition in the business. Do not make a mistake of committing distant losses. the benefit of the trade and make the decision to make financial decisions only after having thought. If you are in doubt follow suggestions from friends and family. Don’t ignore the advice of family members when purchasing land, building, or a automobiles, for instance. The assistance of a female friend can be extremely beneficial in overcoming any problems in relationships. If the issue is one of love or from family members to family members, it’s better to have everyone on the same side. Make sure to be careful in your speech and avoid negative remarks. The sweetness will be there in your married life. The love of your spouse will be there to help you through challenging moments. The mind is somewhat concerned regarding the condition of an elderly household member.

Solution – Give water to Shivling each day, and repeat the Rudrashtakam. Donate Satanja on Saturday.

Aquarius – This week will be a typical week for people from Aquarius. The early days of the week you must work hard and struggle can bring you the desired results in your job. When you are working, it is important to avoid showing any weaknesses you may have to adversaries side, as they could try to make a profit of it. You can be assured of profit and success only by working according to a predetermined plan for the field. This will be somewhat higher than the beginning in the course of the week. In the last week, there is a chance of taking a long-distance trip in connection with business. The journey will profitable and enjoyable. You may encounter a person of influence during the course of your travels, with the assistance of which plans of profits will be realized in the future. While you are there, you’ll receive the full support of your closest friends. Family friends will support you when making any major decision that is related to family. The more time you spend on social and religious activities, and your status will grow. It will become a requirement for coordination between the two to improve the relationship between you and your spouse. Your married life will be blissful and you’ll be able to spend quality moments with your spouse.

Solution: Hanumat worship will prove to be a safe haven from worries and bring you the desired blessing. Then, worship Hanuman Ji and repeat Sunderkand each day.

Pisces – If, by taking a step back, there is a chance of moving two steps further, those who are in Pisces must not be afraid of doing this this week. If you put your energy and time to the proper direction this week, then you’ll definitely see the results you desire at work. The beginning of the week by enlisting the help of your most trusted friends or a person of influence you can have the possibility to participate in the lucrative scheme. The blessings of senior citizens at work are expected to continue showering upon your throughout the entire week. You’ll be able make the profits you want in your business. People who are preparing for examination-competition can get some good news. A majority of the time women is spent at church or in other religious events. In the latter half of the week there will be a feeling of happiness within the home because of an arrival from a dear person. There will be intense the relationship between lovers. There will be a chance to enjoy a good time with your spouse. There will be a stronger relationship with your spouse. This week will be regular in terms of health.

Solution: worship Lord Laxminarayan, and apply saffron in a tilak.

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